Here’s Your Solution for Your Real Estate Investment Concerns in Lebanon

Kary Group
June 21, 2022

Due to the very tremulous system in Lebanon, investors are finding it difficult to find the right real estate solution to trust their hard-earned money with. 

Kary Group is a Lebanese company based in Lebanon and UAE that provides real estate & investment solutions. It was developed to answer all Lebanese investors looking for reliable solutions to find the best properties for their investment.

Finding Properties in Various Countries with Kary Group

At Kary Group, we specialize in finding properties to invest in multiple countries outside Lebanon. 

Here are 3 benefits of investing in having various countries options to invest in:

  • Portfolio Diversification:
    Based on where the investor wants to grow their investment portfolio, having the option to choose from more than one country gives them the freedom to go after the countries with growing economies.

  • Currency Diversification:
    Lebanese investors are already dealing with exchange rates and currency fluctuations. Here at Kary Group, we provide our investors with several country options to choose from. That way, they’ll choose the country with more stable currencies or even use the currency they prefer to keep their investment in.
  • Leverage Global Trends:
    We make sure you’re investing in the right country to hit your goals. We keep track of global investment trends and international economic powers to ensure that our investors are able to capitalize on any economic boosts and market strengths.

Facilitations of the Financing Services

There are typically two main payment options when buying real estate property: full cash or payment facilities. Full cash payment is when you pay the entire purchase price upfront, while payment facilities involve financing the purchase through a loan or mortgage.

At Kary Group, you can also choose the payment facilities option that best suits you; there are two sub-options to consider. 

The first option we offer is when the apartment or entity is ready for you to move in, in which case the buyer puts a 50% down payment, and then we help secure a loan for the remaining amount.

The second sub-option is when the apartment or entity is still under construction, in which you put down a down payment starting 15%, and once the construction is complete, you can then finance the remaining amount through a loan. If you, later on, change your mind and choose to pay the remaining balance in full cash at this stage, we can make that happen.

A Personalized Approach to Finding the Right Property

At Kary Group, our team of experts finds the best geographical and economic circumstances for our investors to trust their investments with. We also ensure our clients have a customized and smooth experience. 

Once an investor comes to us to find the right property to invest in, we empower them with the knowledge they need about any investment opportunity. We also consider their budget and their expected ROI.

The Importance of Working with a Well-Known, Credible Company

Lebanese investors are tired of unreliable banks and wavering real estate investment opportunities.

That’s why it’s important to work with a well-known, credible company when investing in real estate. Here at Kary Group, each and every step of our process is based on a well-informed decision backed by investment rules and regulations. 

At Kary Group, we take pride in the peace of mind we give our clients by providing
– 0 hidden fees

–  24/7 support and after-sales support

– Bank account assistance for free

– Finding the perfect tenant, and making sure you can access the rental fees while you’re in Lebanon

Because of our honest work ethic, we’ve gained the trust of hundreds of investors.

The Commitment of Kary Group to Helping Clients with Their Real Estate Investment Journeys

At Kary Group, it’s our top priority to keep our clients happy. Our experts and advisors will stay with you throughout the buying process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience! 

We understand that the better options we provide our clients, the happier they’ll be, and they’ll continue to trust us with their investments.

It’s a win-win situation.

Investors have started growing their profit with us. Let Kary Group help you find the perfect property for your real estate investment today.